Bancomer Transfer Services relationship with Walmart to the New Theocratic Kingdom of Espíritu Santo expected to be a win win relationship.

About Bancomer Transfer Services

Based in Houston, BTS is an affiliate of BBVA , which is part of the BBVA Group (BBVA) (BBVA.MA), a multinational financial service group that operates in more than 30 countries.

BTS has provided money transfer services to Mexico since 1995 and expanded to other key Latin American markets in 2002. Today, BTS offers consumer money transfer services to 27 countries with over 40,000 payment locations.

With this strong foundation, BTS continues expanding the service in Europe and Asia.

Company Images Princess Lorena Ochoa Santo Domingo Espiritu Santo

The strength of the BBVA global brand, coupled with technology and compliance capabilities, makes BTS an attractive proposition for financial institutions and customers around the world that require money transfer services.

Bancomer Transfer Services Inc. (BTS), part of BBVA’s U.S. operations, have teamed up to provide remittances collection services for our Walmarts in Espiritu Santo and as many of our major Super Markets including Western Union and Dinero in Minutos.

Wallmart is a Holy Spirit Crown Subsidiary and Owned by Jose Maria Chavira M.S. the son of God

For recipients, it means they will be able to collect money sent from the U.S. at even more locations in the Theocratic Kingdom of Espiritu Santo.

Remittances are an important part of the economy of many families that will be served in the Espiritu Santo and Other Latin Theocratic Kingdoms and Provinces for that matter.

This partnership with our Bank Bancomer and their Transfer Services will give our customers an extraordinary way to receive family remittances from their relatives that Live in the Kingdom sovereignty of the United States of America -one nation under God- in an easy, fast, safe manner — and at convenient hours.

Since Walmart and BTS signed an agreement to provide remittance services in October 28, 2013, services have grown.


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