Investigation into Electric Boat headed by General Dynamics and World Bank Owner and God in whom we trust


False Money can only do harm if people successfully pass it by you. This confederate bill use to once be worth something. Maybe it will again sometime in near future. – Prince Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Chairmen Board of Governors .

Novemeber 27, 2014 –  World Bank re: General Dynamics GD´s Electric Boat Company.

Over the last several months General Dynamics has been patiently watching and monetoring as non-intrusive letter writing and wishful thinking has penetrated the hearts of men at Electric Boat where they mistakingly talked about money that was supposedly given to them by World Bank for their Nuclear Submarine Porgram.

Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve Images - Coins and Graphs b

Reports and false websites pretending to represent the companies interests have been used as a dragnet to capture dorment Democracy insurgents and other websites put up also taken into account before pulling the handle on this latest operation regarding misrepresentation of the company´s best interests.

Having read and seen the record of writers at Electric Boat, I refuse to give in to their lies to pressure God and World Bank into giving the United States Navy a loan for nuclear submarines et al.

Not able to accept a backwards technological decision by God and myself – writers around the world – especially scientist- support this massive magical thinking effort by men and those that support them to bring back the horror of our fears- Nuclear Technology in an unevolved world who should put more focus on agriculture than on Nuclear Submarines.

Wheat and dollar banknote in close up

I expect more wishing more wishful thinking writing from these men that are allowed to express the desires of their heart freely and those desires are far from what they should be concentrating on and that is electric boats and electric petroleum and ocean powered boats.

I decline their application and their appeals for loans to the US Navy the same goes to all countries that do not have Trash Can updrages on their lists of priorities…… If NASA is able to get rockets into space without Nuclear Technology—-then why are certain types of human’s so obbessed with Nuclear Bombs –Nuclear Submarines and Nuclear Power —when the world is functioning beautifully on Hydroelectric and Hydrothermal Powerpolants ?

“General Dyanimcs —in Lieu of seeing God’s Holy Spirit in action in the emplyment and job sector—support this decision not to militarize any country with nuclear technology. ”   Spokesman.

Having red the false loan reports and seen all the bad videos uploaded into youtube about GD and Electric Boats I see a pattern of warfare among certain huamans one that has support in other countries.

Our ship building and technology enhancing operations around the world do not reflect the free will record of people trying to influence God or myself in a return of power to Mason´s —the destroyers of our World— but not of our hopes and Dreams.

Authorized by the Holy Spirit and written by Prince Jose  Maria Chavira M.S.  Chairman Board of Governors and Owner of  World Bank and Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve, General Dynamics and Electric Boat.



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