Music investments, Car Investments and Good Theocratic Voting Monarchy Bonds

(World Bank) ™ Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve - Crown Holdings - Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay - Angelcraft Crown Entertainment Food Hotels and Luxury Reorts
(World Bank) ™ Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve – Crown Holdings – Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay – Angelcraft Crown Entertainment Food Hotels and Luxury Reorts

World Bank – February 16th 2015 –  The Head of World –  Oldies are valuable assets especially in music and especially when they are marketed to appeal to a wider audience.

Old classic cars are valued differently and no-matter how well kept and how rare and old car is, they can be money pits if you decide to drive your museum 1966 Porsche that has less than 4,000 miles on it when you bought it for 275,000 Dollars and a bargain at that.

As investments Go Music is a good investment.  That is why we have partnered m=with many artists and now are investing in our own record label and company called Thunderstruck that will carry music in every category even Motown – where for this banker –  is one of many  the desires my heart.

Music by Temptations, the Four Tops, The Dells,  Diana Ross and from many Motown produced artists is for us a market long forgotten and suppressed in its nature and yet so beautiful and era the times were for Motown during the 50’s and the 60’s wherein also lay Classic Rock and of Course we cannot forget Bossa Nova.

JCANGELCRAFT Thunderstruck record Label and Corporation also expects to compete with the newly revived Motown Records in the recruitment of new artists as well as the other recording studios that we are keeping afloat and that carry much more notoriety than we do.


Music is not just an investment of money, but an an investment of the heart.  It is an investment that you know is going to succeed because if you love your musical investments so will the others who invest alongside you.

In this business music is a racial investment and no matter how much money a person can make with Thunderstruck or Motown, they would rather invest in the music that they love.

Music is a very personal investment and one that you should enjoy when investing in a group, a musical artists or even a new single CD that like the old 45’s are going to challenge artists and writers to put together better albums otherwise they sell their one hit wonder song or remake for about 2.50 cents more or less.

The price of single CD’s will also be based on the demand for the CD record and the artists and the marketers will have to be careful for their will be intense competition and wise companies out their with deep pockets to bless an economy still getting back to work and off welfare.

Everyone likes the new Idea of buying single CD’s for their 50 CD Mini Stereo Jukeboxes that started gaining popularity in 90’s and some play up to 200 CDs.

For a free sample of our Thunderstuck Motown product please visit JC Angelcraft Corporation at You Tube

04 Crown Media and Holdings - World Bank - Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve -Museum and Gallery - Alicia Augello Cook - Alicia Keys - Born Januray 5th 1981
HRM Princess Alicia Keys Duchess and Divine Royal of the State of New york

I thank God for all support in our new radio stations and our satcom network where all radio stations around the world get a chance to show off their station to the world and again KEZY in Anaheim with some International marketing expertise may have appeal in Japan and gain a market share of Japanese listeners.

The world will be in the hands of the most dynamic and spiritual people who will make you will wonder why they are not in politics.

Angels like humans prefer music to politics, but some of us have to work in Politics and in Banking Both as well as in our ministries and companies.

Keeping the conspiracy of lies in check and educating the world about bad people and bad propaganda and lies like that the illegal president of the United States got resurrected  and to please sign their petition to get him immigrated so he can run for fourth term and meanwhile they look  to the NCAA for a look-alike.


Others tell people its end of the world, but  beating the idol mason worshippers and their conspiracy of lies is key to your personal success and happiness.

Some people are harmless and we usually pick them up and detain them a bit ,  if they get out of hand especially young high school or college Kids that have not yet committed a human sacrifice in their all male fraternity.

Start looking at your old investment portfolio or request copies of your old T-Bills that we will cash out for you when your ready to cash them out and buy the In God We Trust Theocratic T-Bills for your country.

cropped-m3-crown-holdings-royal-estate-interior-ceiling-mural-1a-salon-d-hercule-plafond.jpgInvesting in your country now is not because your country needs it, its because your T-Bills will return anywhere from 4-6% or maybe even higher much more than the 1% the government paid on your old government bonds.  Investing in your Government also lowers your taxes so its just another venue and avenue to place your hard earned savings.

Government Investments will be tightly controlled and not so easily made fraudulent by some cheap looking cheap talking con artists from some expensive looking office and look a-likes of politicians in his framed office wall of fame that says let me impress you with my connections to the illegal alien serial killer president that won the presidency twice and that by fraud.

The Masons had to talk or better yet Threaten Hillary Clinton who won her party’s candidacy to step down so the Illegal Alien serial killer could get elected by a fraudulent electoral college and then get executed for being a mass murdering mason serial killer.

Whites in Washington or in the area around Washington still want the Black Butcher from quote unquote “hawaii”  back especially in Delaware, an extremely racist area something that to this former special agent from the Department of Justice and DOD operative find very interesting.

Crown Holdings – The Vatican Museum – Rome Italy


Now I am at Angelcraft Global Security Services protecting these people from themselves and deciding on what to do with some of their real estate considering the crimes many residents and political groups their are guilty of.

In any even they are small like other groups around the world and we wait to make our move against them once we have enough evidence to put them away for life no matter what color they are or how well or poorly they speak French Spanish English German or Russian.

Just close the door i their face and call the police for they are democrats and into democracy and capable of entering in through a window to try and get in a human abduction or a human sacrifice.

If your area is secure be thankful and happy and much of the world is secure Id say 99 percent collectively is secure but 1% or eve ,2% still makes a lot for a good size group that as long as they do not lie to the public can remain among you looking for an opportunity to get in a kill for democracy.

Theres a lot to learn from these humans in a fallen state, and while your being coached do not be afraid to look toward the future and do not forget to pray daily for guidance from God,

Authorized by God in whom we trust and written by the son of God

Prince Jose Maria Chavira M.S. World Citizen and Leader of the Free World and Head of World Bank.   Full Divine Name

JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS ESPIRITVS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

- the Completeness of God -



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