A personal letter to the world from the head and owner of the new world Bank

De Renaissance de Jésus Christ Versaille Royal Chatue de Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Divine Name - Adagio I - Prince Adagio - La Galerie des Glaces

March 10th 2015 France is a lovely place from where to rule the world and the Versailles a magnificent choice by God that I have not previously considered until I saw an arial view of the palace grounds and then I said yes, I am home.

Crown Holdings France - The Palace of Versailles - a Royal Château in Versailles France - The French Royal Estate of Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio I  Image 1a

Many people still want to get a feel for my personality so that is why I am writing a few brief words today to describe myself.

I love music of all kinds especially Bossa Nova Music, Soul music and the classical arts. Music, the opera, ballets and writing help me to enjoy life.

I am a natural parent and I worry about the world alot and every country and life form in this world and in God’s Universe is to me a priority and of the utmost importance for prayer.

I worry about my divine royals and their needs all over the world.

When I think about HRM Charlene Lynette Wittstock the Queen of Monaco, I pray that she find happiness in the absence of her husband, may he rest in peace.


I worry about her and about Charlotte and all my divine royals.

As to my priorities, I love God and the word of God first, then I love being about God business and that covers my dynamic spiritual and educational media and writing ministry.

I enjoy banking and world administration and providing financial, security and prayer support for every country.

Inside the new World Bank …In God we Trust


I have great passion for all my technology and car companies and especially the international space program and all our businesses around the world.

I love my company the Walt Disney MGM Corporation and I pray that my future Queen will share the same happiness that I have for this one particular company of ours.

™ Walt Disney International © all rights reserved

I want my future Queen to be a very big part of my life and to always be with me and share the same passion for me as I have for her.

I do not like false love or love for interest, but love for purpose and peace I understand.

Princess Elizabeth Barrera I - Photograph 2
I want my future Queen to be a very big part of my life and to always be with me and share the same passion for me as I have for her.


As royals and citizens know many arranged marriages have been made between royal families in the past as a truce to keep royal cousins from going to war against each other.

I wish the citizens of France and all world citizens a great month of March.

Bienvenue au Château de Versailles du palais du Prince Adagio - et le palais du monde des Royals Divine - Le lac de l'émergence

I pray God Bless you with understanding, good health, wisdom and with happiness every day.

With all my love from the deepest more innermost part of my soul

Principe Jose Maria Chavira Divine Name – Adagio – I – Full Divine Name – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni  M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT (Prince Adagio) In partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Le manteau des bras royal du roi Principe Jose Maria Chavira - Adagio I - Roi de France et roi de la terreAngelcraft Crown Company Images The-Completeness-of-God


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