Final Draft The New World Bank Annual Report 2014 in languages

(world Bank) Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve

Final Draft The World Bank Annual Report 2014 – World and the World Bank Group are property of God’s Holy Spirit, Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio I and the new World Bank Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve and like all banks and financial institutions around the world are under the legal framework of Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve Media Holdings Partners and Acquisitions and Crown Media Holdings Partners and Acquisitions and Crown facilitated originally through TCC The Crown Corporation 

The Annual Report 2014 focuses on two of the World Bank Group’s divisions: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), collectively known as the World Bank Group a non prophet organization funded by

Angelcraft Crown World Development Foundation

™ Angelcraft Crown World Development Foundation

Financial Statements and Management’s Discussion and Analysis documents for IBRD and IDA and eBook versions of the report in several translations can be downloaded here.

You will also find multiple links throughout the website that will connect you with even more information.

We invite you to visit these sites to broaden your understanding of how the World Bank partners with countries to end extreme poverty created by conspiracy of lies, hypocrisy, democracy (a religious form of government), prejudice, the religion of masonry or suit and tie satanism a religion and the religion of freemasonry also suit and tie satanism a religion.

  1. ACWBR_AR_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_AR-تقرير جديد للبنك الدولي عام 2014 العربية
  2. ACWBR_EN 2014 New World Bank Annual Report
  3. ACWBR_PT_New World Bank Annual Report 2014 Novo relatório do Banco Mundial, em Português
  4. ACWBR_FR_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_Nouvelle Banque mondiale 2014 rapport en français
  5. ACWBR_RU_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_Новый Всемирный банк 2014 Отчет по-испански
  6. ACWBR_SP_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_Nuevo Banco Mundial 2014 informe en español
  7. ACWBR_CH_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_中国における新世界銀行報告書
  8. ACWBR_JP_New World Bank Annual Report 2014_日本における新世界銀行報告書


  1. 1 New World Bank WBAR 2014 Financial Statements
  2. 2 WBAR 2014 New World Bank Appendix

We are pleased to provide our readers information as it is presented to you in your languages by God’s Holy Spirit all rights reserved.  May God be thanked and praised.

Our outlook for 2015 and beyond is too magnificent to describe and it’s always best to not to get too excited about money than about what it is that makes money worthwhile and that is spending it with family and friends and enjoying our religious year round holiday seasons and learning more and more about God every day.

We one day will not have a need for currency once we attain an enlightenment where a true world middle upper class has been achieved as a standard and there are no abandoned children or children sold, stolen or given up for adoption or humans murdered in democracy and its magical rituals.

Voting Autonomous Theocracies will not bother us in the future nor will any of God’s good religions and the word democracy or republic will be the shame of our past.

Writing in economics and sciences about God in the future even in physics will come as smooth as the paradox that is God though a loving and correcting Holy Spirit that adores nature and wildlife and enjoys all the good things that we do in life otherwise we would not have holy days likes Ramadan, Hanukkah Mary’s Christ Mass (Christmas) Chinese or Asian religious reincarnation Hindu and Buddhist Festivals et al.

I leave you with a blessing for all our good religions where we share in common “faith” in a God of No Name, but who tolerates and who inspires us on by names that we can relate to God by.

That is because God is a being a soul a Holy Spirit and wants to be considered as much a being and soul as you consider yourself with all the kindness and generosity of love that you can generate toward your God –your creator — as toward one another in whatever legend that you embrace about your creation.

Try to not argue among yourselves about your angelic creation, but when you ponder your angelic creation think of God of wanting to set an example in the spirit as well as in the flesh and make your birth as glorious and ceremonious as a loving and expecting parent would in anticipation for yet their unborn child or children.

For us -God- the great physicist, scientist, lyricists, musician, educator, guru and writer thinks in greater terms than we do so you have to stretch your imagination when thinking about how God thinks about things and then how you think about them and how your soul filters the greatest aspect of God’s imaginative and creative force to produce the works of your hands ; or how what you have invested in your soul over numerous reincarnations affects the way you perform in your career, how you behave in life and how you treat people who are different than you are.

Cordially Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. – Adagio I – (full divine name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI SPIRITVS HOMINIS  Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the Prophet Mohammad and Siddhartha Gautama a devout Hindu and the inspiration of Buddhism et al.

Le manteau des bras royal du roi Principe Jose Maria Chavira - Adagio I - Roi de France et roi de la terreAngelcraft Crown Company Images The-Completeness-of-God


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