Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve – ATM’s and Phone Soliciting Insurance

Bancomer BBVA Bancomer is a Crown Subsidiary en Dios ConfiamosAngelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve (New World Bank) Washington D.C.  The Bosse’s Blog

Yesterday a call came in from one of my  employee’s at BBVA Bancomer doing demonstration of ATM and Credit Card insurance from one of our call centers.

BBVA call centers handle numerous responsibilities such as reporting a loss or stolen credit card, checking your balance in any one of your accounts and or speaking with an BBVA call center executive.

I tried to cheer her up and let her know in know uncertain terms the Board of Directors says “NO” to phone soliciting insurance and we did not get into buying insurance by ATM.

For me there is nothing more impersonal than selling insurance through a digital machine, and at some of our banks we offer Insurance protection in the event someone steals your credit card or your debit card.

I vehemently oppose this, not that we could not control it, and by God’s power in whom trust,  we do control it well for the time being until new protocols go into effect.

It is just in my opinion that any Insurance transaction such as these or any other require fingerprints on hard-copy and scanned to digital on new technology ATM machines so when any transaction is made, an eye retina scan and finger print technology can prevent from paying out to people that easily could use the old system to scam the banking system out of millions of dollars lowering your interest rates and returns on your investments go down and making higher your fixed interest rates on your homes to compensate for the thefts.

I think the greatest aspect of our new security ideas are saving your lives first then your money is added plus.

Fail-safes in ATM machines are a must and until we get technology in place to do just exactly what we are doing that every time you make a transaction you must identify yourself by hand and eye prints with secret cameras surrounding you making sure you are not forced and when the machine detects a crime it swallows your card and the criminal can so nothing about it and we can still charge him or her.

This happens in the event that young people choose not to get an education in a free will democracy even if its free.  And choose robbery.

Insurance is and has always been a very personal relationship for serious insurance buyers between the sales person and the buyer and for me that means even small policy master card visa debit card insurance.

Lots of documentation and paper work creates a demand for more jobs and more stories added to buildings and as we are living in slush funds for murdering mason days – we can afford to enhance the employment capacity of Insurance companies, Banks, and financial institutions that provide insurance not to forget all the medical insurance companies that exists to attend to your health insurance needs.

The future is about real attention to detail and real personalized attention to the smallest of details that aim at protecting your money, your health and giving you the feeling that you matter enough for God and our Banks to invest in this kind of technology a drop in bucket and you are truly protected.

Advanced technology is not enough.  Imagine armed security and even a police car parked outside every ATM machine as their beat for even all stores that have ATMS’s or use Digital machines for transactions.

This increases the Job sector abundantly and we can afford it and you as citizens of your respective Theocracies are worth it and what a deterrent the way I imagine it.

Then advanced advertisements repeated over and over again in detail of the security measures so criminals can study it and make plans to steal in another way where other criminal traps await them.

Education is so important and raising your child even a Theocracy does not guarantee perfect parenting and a desire to better your station in life through hard work and education.

Authorized by God’s Holy Spirit and written by Príncipe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio I – (Full Divine Name) JVAGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Príncipe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS NOME DE PLUME JCANGELCRAFT

Angelcraft Crown Company Images The-Completeness-of-God

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