Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days from Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve the new World Bank


(World Bank) ™ Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve © all rights resrved ® Gods Holy Spirit and Principe Jose Maria Chavira MS.December 12 2015 —  Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days from Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve the new World Bank.

Having the Holy Spirit on your side can be a very comforting feeling especially  when your hope for world recovery relies immensely on the power that created stars and physical laws that can be suspended at any time in the Universes Galaxy’s and the Worlds to peacefully show dominance and that the power of the Holy Spirit something historical in nature is here when our small little earth most need the Holy Spirit the most..

I have watched in wonder reading no regular financial news as regular knowing by faith that daily our worlds financial structure and picture is being worked marvelously and majestically by our Precious Holy Spirit who has everyone’s best interest in mind not just financially but morally  just as well.

In the closing of this great Judgment there is much severity in correction being dispensed out to the workers of iniquity for their lies in Politics as much as their lies in matters of Education, Business, the Arts and Banking.

Eternity’s Quill

Next to life changing spiritual decisions that some of us —more than others— should be making the most important thing these days is the power that keeps our world together, our Holy Spirit,  who works our world’s financial banking system as if it were a simple equation to solve while ignoring the Liars and the workers of iniquity each getting judged in their own succession looking still to give credit to “old world mason murderous religious high priest politicians” as if nothing happened in the world during the Mason Holocaust.


These same politicians of the past that knowing no’thing about them — people esteemed them —but their wickedness reached the Holy of Holies the Holy Spirit who granted me the power to judge them to bring  public justice to the world to demonstrate the severity of their crimes against society.   Their execution of one their members (Soddom Hussein) and their mass murder of the human race was a hypocrisy unto itself  and it does not make them heroes in any way,  rather it makes them and those that support their suburban wickedness enemies of the world and enemies of the better angels that take their place many unseen to the eyes of those who prefer the liar, the murderer and the thief mason who no longer lives to the Angels that walk the heavens and the worlds doing the bidding of the Holy Spirit.

™ Angelcraft Crown World Development Foundation
™Angelcraft Crown World Development Foundation …we are by God’s grace the new world bank developmental foundation

It saddens me actually that anyone would place these murderous greek fraternal men and their women — from the murderous religion of masonry and freemasonry — who had no “real power” as the protagonist of change as opposed to believing in something better, something greater, the Innocence that created everything that exists, our precious Holy Spirit who has no name to those that have separated themselves from all goodness that seeks selfless souls to partnership with in the reestablishment of truth that is by far the most important thing, for without morals and being able to tell the truth,  how we can lead an army of ants let alone govern ourselves or run any sort of organization or even work in government.

Escuda Coat of Arms Adagio 1

The future holds no bright outlook for people who work iniquity those who would prefer a world of false imagery of dead demonic destroyed angels in suits and ties as opposed to world with good men and women angelic beings  also in suits and ties who prefer a world of light, a world filled with hope  and goodness for all humans, animals and even our own planet.

For those not priveleged to go through what I must go through in dealing with these wayward child angelic souls that must be put in their place each in their own turn,  I wish you and even them wherever they are in our reform system of corrections a Merry Christmas,  Happy Holy Spirit filled Holy Days and a Happy new year.

For exact no-lies financial information and world news please refer to our World Finance and Banking  (eChoe) here on this website that delivers you sound information with up to date Fiancial news and information.


I ask you to pray for your wayword brothers and sisters who in fact are confused souls and very far removed from the dead murderous politicians that have been judged  and that they try keep alive in your faces with the working of iniquity trying to make yu think they are in control of the world with false potlical power.  These souls are very sick indeed and require our prayers as much as the hope the Holy Spirit extends out to them through us and through the power that made their existence possible.

Cordially Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. (Ruling name) Adagio I

Owner and Proprietor of  the New World Bank Angelcraft Crown World Bank Reserve  in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

™Rex Intima ruler of my innermost parts.yv

This article is authorized by God’s Holy Spirit and written by Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira la renaissance de Jesus Christ the leader of the free world and La Couronne Monde Château Versailles France


Professional profiles –

Sito de (COURONNE) Théocratie Mondiale – Bienvenue à Versailles France – Château du Adagio I

For more information about our World Crown his royal highness simply google his name of birth Jose Maria Chavira or ask  (eChoe) for a perfect well written or spoken profile intended to edify your angelic soul spirit as well as your hearts and your minds.

(full Divine Name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S.  Aga Khan V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS Nom de Plume JCANGELCRAFT.

The-completeness-of-the Holy Spirit


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