3:21 Quotes

Official Banking Coat of Arms of JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Eternity's QuillNever is Money the most important thing, people are. The most thing are those people who live in poor country’s that we neglect the most and often pretend to love the Best; But their slums spoke for themselves before the we stepped in – Prince Adagio Nome de PLume JCANGELCRAFT

Crest Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT Angelus Vexelum  the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of GOD

- the Completeness of God -.



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…everything with conscience, everything with purpose and everything with prayer. Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve is the New World Bank