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Our Philosophy 

We support good small companies and require business plans submitted for our International Small Business Program.  Our intent is to partnership with people and with existing banks all over the world and educate as well as provide training for business that for demographically for each township or big city.

Without the Help of our Tremendous Holy Spirit this would not be possible.  We especially want to partnership with children heirs whose parents insured in their wills the transfer of power to an attorney of their choice to manage to company.  If their lawyers do not have the best interest for the heirs of large companies, Angelcraft Crown International Legal lawyers in each country will offer their services.

Angelcraft Crown Certified attorneys and law firms exist all over the world and offer financial advise.  We have no company that specializes in financial consulting.   ™Angelcraft Crown Internal affiliate Lawyers are regulators of financial consultants and consulting and legal firms and have only the best will from the smallest client to large organizations.  However our Holy Spirit and Our COB want you to feel safe in your current investments and as such there are many companies and investment advisors and firms world wide that we endorse.

Our Assurances

There no Masons in our organization or Free Mason’s in our organization or people who will mislead you.  Our Long term goal is to separate into six or seven regional reserves to insure a long future of world currency standards where a Mexican or even an Islander is given royal treatment and treated with as much respect as a citizen from a prosperous nation.

We own all new real estate created by the Holy Spirit and beach front real estate in every country and negotiate acceptable terms for ownership, co ownership with new owners or corporations, or rent space to beach front businesses as a reasonable price.

Our Reserve

Our Reserve is Real estate,  precious metals, petroleum and our own investment portfolio.  This makes the Gold standard look like a beginners guide to people understand how  a countries Gold reserve was in the past partially responsible for the value of their currency and the lack of Gold is responsible for a countries inflated currency value such as three thousand Yen to the dollar – a point in history when currency values in certain countries were brought to my attention.  We will not sell our real estate as long as I am alive not even to the highest bidder our promise to those who invest in our real estate mutual funds.

As the world prospers, expect for real estate values to go up slightly and do not expect a topsy turvy economic system that many average smart people once took advantage off to their credit.  Expect a system that is stable and affordable housing and a middle class world standard with a two income household can exceed 100,000 a year for couples all over the world with time education and good investment advice.

We advice you to use your best judgment if you do not use a certified ACIMF Angelcraft Crown International Monetary Fund financial consulting firm.  This is to keep traditional investment firms that employ good people in business, keep providing Jobs to specialists in the New World stock markets the same ones that existed  prior and again not shock the world.

This certification requires special assessment and all investors have a right to visit their local Bank Branch or any major bank to verify is the consulting firm or accountant is certified by ACIMF and get a notarized copy of the financial companies certification for their portfolio.

Even the smallest branch and the new ATM machines can print you out a copy that must be signed by the Bank Manager who is required to also provide a copy of their Identification to the customer to avert misrepresentation and their ID will be verified by Angelcraft Crown International Monetary Fund offices or a recommended Bank nearby who can verify the ACIMF certification of your financial advisors who are required to pass an ethics exam and prove through their track record as persons in a company that are reliable investment advisors who get support from ACIMF as to how to correct their past errors and insure their clients through their transparency  that old Board of Directors have been replaced with certified ACIMF personnel.

My good friend a childhood friend is but one of many good financial advisor for Merrill Lynch  who is undergoing restructuring and transformation so we end up with many old well established world financial investment firms being able to assure their customers of their long term investment contracts of five, ten and fifteen year agreements usually in mutual funds ( a diversified investment strategy that involves investments in different combinations of companies, and natural resources ).  This is so all trust will not be lost to the old system of banking controlled by the IMF and International Fraternity of Masons but companies that you trusted for many years even if in commercials that gave you a warm fuzzy feeling to belonging to a nation with good investment principles).

 ATTENTION Holders or Investment Contracts

All investors in long term commitments are advised that penalties still apply if they liquidate their assets.  This is because we are helping many qualified investment firms restructure their portfolios and if you liquidate even at a lower penalty rate, you could miss out on substantial interests and gains because the Holy Spirit does not lose money for investors rather makes money though a good restructuring of names and companies that you have become so familiar with where Masons once worked.

We want you trust the Holy Spirit, the Company name and not the men who used it to make this world a place of inflation and deflation that makes the rich richer and the world poorer.

This world restructuring of companies that are dedicate to giving good financial advice and many who held employees that were not Masons or part of the world financial system that saw Democratic South Korean citizens sell their precious and personal gold and silver an embarrassment for the old World Bank Board of directors and the IMF who gave their government a bailout loan.

But it was the drive and will of South Koreans not to be disgraced and they did everything they could to save their economy by contributing to their National reserve and Democracy does not teach that.

An Ideal Holy Spirit controlled National Reserve for every country is our prayer and equalized perfectly so each country has the same buying power as another and this way import export tariffs will be equalized and marginalized to reflect a per capita ratio due to census figures and circulation of currency for each country and the number of citizens in each country.

We are the new regulators and will overtake all responsibilities IMF with respect and may assume the name under new by laws so people do not get shocked.  Once we have complete IMF it will be an internationally represented Business with each countries best interest in hand and its name will be changed in countries should voters want a National regulatory agency, but all operate under Holy Spirit written bylaws, ordinances, and statutes relative to the maintaining of an autonomous national economy and have a national presence and voice in the financial affairs that affect stock Markets in their regions.

We are living in miraculous times and will receive unprecedented help from our Holy Spirit who –with our cooperation–incorporates us to move civilization forward.  So racists that oppose must keep in mind that this is in their best interest for we never know where God Our Holy Spirit will reincarnate us.

We can speak in ungodly democracy verbiage or spiritual language in order to give our clients a sense of the busness jargon of the day.  But be reminded our COB and cofounder does pray before board meetings no exceptions.  This is not a requirement in any of our boards, but we expect it to occur naturally in all companies we control or have majority controlling interest.

Investors are delighted that their investments in any of their mutual funds stocks or even government bonds have been saved by the Holy Spirit the Burning Bush of Moses that we call God in some circles.

These are times or religious, educational and commercial progress as well as new scientific achievements and all nuclear power has been replaced by perfect Optimized or Supernaturally created Hydrothermal Power Plants and all Power Generating systems such as dams and electrical panels have been optimized.  All major fault lines have been fixed and small tremors are nothing to worry about.  They are simply the fine tuning of fault lines in the earths plate tectonic structure so no major destructive “terror” earth quakes occur.  Do not believe in terror news of any kind and if it still exist, just play your favorite movies or get exercise, enjoy the peaceful world.

Our address

Democracy Adress Calle Jose Angel Espinoza Ferrusquilla Numero 48-A-Bis dept 305 A Colonia Palos Prietos Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico 82010 Home Phone number 52 (669) 954-0380

Theocracy Adress Calle Jose Angel Espinoza Ferrusquilla Numero 48-A-Bis dept 305 A Colonia Palos Prietos Mazatlan Santa Maria Mazatlan Espíritu Santo 82010 Home Phone number 52 (669) 954-0380


JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe José María Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S. –PRIMOGENITVS Filvs Dei – Adagio I Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT

COB and Co Founder with the Holy Spirit of   ™ANGELCRAFT CROWN WORLD BANK AND GLOBAL RESERVE to bring good will too all citizens of the world and once again build a world where a common man or women can change their start.




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…everything with conscience, everything with purpose and everything with prayer. Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve is the New World Bank