Drafts: Working Titile: Massive A Social Complex by those wishing to overtake Angelcraft Crown World bank & Reserve The New World Bank et al

Press Release January 2016

I grew up an American speading countless hours as a Child watching Abraham Linconls getties bur adress knowing my place in society as early as 4rd grade.

Not a College or University Graduate.   Anbraham Lincoln was the first Non Greek Fraternal None Mason presdient I endulged in.  He was self taught by bundles of books about politics and literature at well featured at Mr. Lincolnes Ride. Ay Disneyland where my mom worked.

Not mentored very well in the thrid grade, I was placed with the educationally challenged students for my fourth grade year. Prejdice and Discourageing eforts by some of my teachers drove me to excelll in Athletics Quoir and Prayer.  My Prayer was to be  great reader like Abraham Lincoln over and over again.  .

My reasoning was that of abe Lincolne was by poverty challenged to overcome his difinciencies so could I,

Though Licoln was  born in Kentucky he was to become the Leader and president of the Northern Union of States during the Civil War a war where he had massive amounts of resources and yet General Lee still reached as far as Gettysburg Pensalvania as opposed as the union invading the Southern States and declaring victory.

A commander and Chief, the war was between the Southern British Framers and gentlman Sharecroppers who kept Slaves but did not educate them as well as the north.

But the war to free the slaves was mor about British Whites who migrated South amd their rejection of Irish, Scottish Italian and immigrants saying they were the original Colonist and had their own president and and own congress and own currency.  

Blacks and the Immancipation proclomation was lomg in comming and Locoln wholeheartly support the war but wanted t protect the blacks from entering the war and the whites of course greed only forced om both sides to fight as volunteers for their own cause,

1860 Consiracy of lies was in effect then as it was know.  Joseph Smith fuaght the press from 1930-1945 calling the governemt a system of hypocrits who where unordered and unorganized especially since British Mirgated to the South then the Scottish to places like Ketucky and tennesee not wanting to live in the disordered city that was new York City a place of inferior architecture compared to Europe.

After the war was over Blacks were semi-‘freed but lacked opportunities and many went back to sharecropping or living as servants working for Aristocrats.  

Then came the crime that plagued America.  the assassination of Abraham, Lincolne after delivering a perfect speech that saved Face for Union Soldiers saying in no undertain terms nobody won and proacted a peace treaty with the South.  

Despite the speech secret societies from both sides the Knights of Golden Lanntern from the South (Later the KKK or Ku Kñux Klan) and the Masons from the North shared in common general dislike for the Blacks despite the Human Rights declarations made in the many early US Founding documents as well as the emancipation proclpmation.

The South used the British Rite of himan Sacrfice were not Masons and the North the Scottish Rite.  Lincoln like Joseph Smitth opposed both rites for they did not make sense.

Lincoln was an amalgum and people critisized his rise to power andlack of proper Univerity Studuies belong to no secret society now the war over and him the most popular man post war was set to ablosh both rites of human sacrfices.

The two secret societies got together amd said we have to have one or the other or even both and agreed to leave Lincoln unprotected in a theater where he was kille by John Wilñs Booth an actor that supposedly had clearence becasue the president wanted meet him to comgraulate him on the performance.  So that was the spin story and when they met Lincolne was supposedly shot in the heart or in the stomach, but he was actually shot in the Back of the Head with a small musket and his stained pillow we still have.  I remember quite well disney’s well researched account of his life and death.  

That would mean Lincoln was caught by surprise and shot in te back of the head and his secret secrvice faled to search the Actor for weapons and the nallowed him to get a way as was agreed by both sides that the Volunteer that did the will of the North so they retain the Scotish Rite of Human Sacrifice in the north.

It took me a life time to figure it out but the Kennedy Brothers  and other presdients have suffered assassination or attempted assassination by their own peers.  A presidential assisnation is usally for politcal reasons.having alwys to do with secret socities.  Masons used to be an Option and not even Madentory even for Liberals and in history they were once a poliyical party.that did not last so they vbecame an association then a secret society.          .

   On nationalism and reincarnation i write to World Citizens in silly little American suits that having abosrbed  the History of the United States feel like they have lived there in thei past lives and some even claiming to be the reincarnation of Geroge Washington the founding Father of the nation.  

Well Blood George Bush JR who could not claim a loterry ticket even if he was promised ten kilos of cocain for him and Jeb may he rest in peace and the Masons to party with.  Jeb was born into the Family and as Governor handled the protection of the Florida Drug rout from the Columbian cartell.even later after he helped cheat to get Geroge Jr the Presdiency and later so Obama could get his illegal Crack and his Drugs for his unconsritutional presdential state murderous orgies for those that loved them and seperate from his Bohemian Garden Orgies that were separate from mason rituals and seria killings and taking credit for deayjs soldier they sent to  took to war that would be his sex slaves in hell.

This is Mason polarized Imaginary Thinking who think that wars will make them the Kigs of Hell for the number sex slaves they are responsible for killing by provking wars in other countries and using greed corrutpion oil and all sort sorts of death venues such as war in drugs (war for Drugs) Always a conflict in the middle East and these weak as wizards is wizards have any value provoked by British and European Mason Wizards who are even worse to look like the American presidental and laughingstock putppeys that they were in the context of the plans of the cery deceased and gone European member of the Maons Aianza.           .                              

To all writers.  You can say the right things and try to hide among the faithful, but a believer knows that when giving his or her will to the Holy Spirit, their writings are blessed and the pretenders that try to undermine great writers around the world through the working of evil while maintaining or trying to maintain a good image fall by there fruits eventually for I have once said you shall know them by their works,

They are men and women that change sides and are very determined to brainwash you in every which way knowing their work is motivated by the return to political power and control of the Worlds major resources and financial institutions.

Magical thinking and polarized in many cases.  This means that they will not give up and think their system of wizardry and 33 degree Grandmaster thinking in a clear thinking world delivered and revived world will reward them with absurd notions of redemption of redemption and a return to their Wizards of Wall Streets and the Wizards of Washington with Wizardry and Kabbalah taugh im schools that have been transformed.

Take it form a Psychologists that these people when they know they cannot beat me despite many assassination attempts and my Father our Precious Tender Holy Spirit who has no name they have to look for ways to break down my Divine protection and those of others.

Breaking dowm Divine protection has as much to do with Direct assaults as witth Phsychological warefare when particle acceleration makes reading me a difficult prospect.

Its like a cold acelleration of yuru anotomical Makeup and surrupidings with unseen vortexs that work like accellerators where a person can enter a Vortex without lnowing having comfirmed my position then go into the same space different pepople eating group 2 and Group  sitting together,

This experience has been confirmed by my obersavanse that peaceful people

Try to persuade you by the rules of voting invoking nationalism and the illusion that little is changed hoping you wilt be foold by pictures of major old world players in the news that are lies by the proponderance of the evidence.

I know I am not fooled or discouraged by the mention of a former dead mason supposedly radically changing the world or even an Undocmented Alien pretending to be Martin Luther King a Doctor and a Theoligin made manifest by the bread of his works and writings that despite efforts by Government could not destroy his work.  His and his mothers martyredom will save the Blacks and the citizens of the United States,

I have to admit the Jive smooth talker inducted mason from the middle east or Africa then shipped to Hawaii raised by two white well to do senior citizens, fooled me.  His demeamer changed and became an enemy of the average American even blacks but old publicity made him look like some African Bible Thumping King that was going to continue the Mason plan to keep tensions High in the middle east if albeit by news the entire time being an unconsitutional president before his execution and because I was the presiding Judge of his tribune after the Tribunes of other Masons such as Felipe Calderon in Europe failed, the Holy Spirit made sure everyone got a version as to how he would be executed.

Passing away peacefully is one with ressessitation equipment to verify that he inded died amd got Judged supernaturally being in good health with aids medication not withstanding.  Guiilatines and behadings by Sword amd Ax have long been proven as a quick death.


Ask (eChoe) for money matters that may not appear in our News feeds.  Each Theocracy is different and Information is specialized for readers and students of economics.  Please be warned that all strategies by Anarchist to overthrow your peaceful Theocracy will not be fed information by (eChoe) that is useful to any amarchist movement in the world trying to set up a Criminal organization the likes of what the masons used to be.

Bog Money men and the cheesy news about power men such as Donald Trump as we know is part of a murderous white supremacist International Alianza.  Reformed citizens that walk on eggshells as to how to make invest or accrue large sums of money.

Wrong people or secret people these who wish to say anything positive about the warm fuzzy feeling that is shared by people knowing the Holy Spirit is in control of Major Money.

Dragnets to catch these Anarchist are of course always in place. People in countries where there is a push toward development do not get any satisfaction in the news.  They see the results in their villages, townships, cities and former slums , but old world news with mason men that are no longer with the free or the living, taking the credit for anything that may be correct, is disheartening to unlearned populations.

To myself trained by the Holy Spirit throughout many lifetimes this is not the first time major conspiracies to retain power have happened.

But despite the population at times being fooled to support a returm to a one world suit and tie murderous religious polotcal order by bad logic.  They get fooled, the criminals get judged until the last liar in position to follow orders of criminals gets escordted to Jail many who have never seen the inside of a prison let alone a Turkish prison or a Guantamo Bay.

Thats why all there tricks and hacks do not bother me or the Holy Spirit.  Youtube was once a Family Video Service Broadcast Yourself your Ideas your slander your lies and then movies began being uploaded and nason piracy rules and legalism along with a buddy network decided who could load up a movie or documentary.

Many acts of the Holy Spirit allowed regular people to follow suit and some made money and some did not.

I was deñighted to see full length movies of all sorts bevause they are a socialogists dream and an apologetists or historian best resources or worse nightmare.

Jesus Christ movies and bible movies were uploaded and edifying material along with a counter culture that though they were not Masons supported them because of values that deal with sex with children that between them were diametrically opposed  comtined


…everything with conscience, everything with purpose and everything with prayer. Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve is the New World Bank