Memorable Treasures


World Bank January 17– 2015 – Good Sabbath for all people who have their Sabbath on this Saturday Sunday weakened and to the rest that have to enjoy their Sabbath rest through the week.

Towards the end of an era, a number of workers and actors of Universal, Paramount, Miramax, and Tristar Pixstar, and all large International production companies – especially Warner Brothers, Spy Pictures, Paramount et al became victims of Masonry’s drug cartel’s efforts at laundering drug money and laundering earnings from sex trafficking of mostly of children money an industry that became a billion dollars Global industry.

1600 x 900 Memorable Treasures Our Love Can Work Miracles

Over these last 40 or so years, The main Kingpins of the Drug Cartels and Sex Trafficking Cartels were either the Mason Presidents and Mason Word Leaders of the Alianza or like the days of Vietnam working with an Intelligence Spymaster and certain Admirals and the Intelligence Network.

This money was flowed through many banks, investment firms, business and corporations even The Lehman Brothers got involved with cover stories and wizardry used to try to protect their reputations and conceal the truth from the people.

Much of the money ended up passing through World Bank some staying and other going back to private Bank holdings such as Deutsch Bank or Bancomer BBVA just to name a few and ended up in the pockets of Arms Dealers, Drug Dealing Presidents Lawyers and Corporations et all.

(Comment of the Film Clip…thank God fishes do not form secret societies or have “rights of fish sacrifice” to acquire new proselytes to Greek Fraternal secret male societies or to underground masonry or any likeness of a male fraternity that is secret and desires political power. Thank God fish do not prowl the waters for new initiates into their secret societies or traffic fish and sell kava seaweed to little clown fish, but if they did they would not be able to do the evil done by humans and If little Fish did have innocent secret societies if would be to project themselves from the Sharks, the bloodthirsty Masons of the ocean.)

These men and women are still trying to hex and vex people with lofty words that supported them about and binding their vexations to hurt the good people and asking them to pray to for them to God to get them out of jail.

Some Muslims and Africans in corrections wonder why they are still in prison now that they are doing their petitions to Allah, it is because they are trying to claim to money and you do not pray to Allah for money or financial favors.

For all good religions you when worship Allah (God) or Brahma Our Nome Gender God by any name with a good heart you are worshipping that same God in who we trust.

Worship and praise to God(Allah) must be for no financial gain and favor goes to those that live for wisdom and suffer poverty those who to draw close to God (Allah) in spirit and in truth and seek wisdom from God (Allah) and from these does God choose whom will prosper and will not.

Their new blaspheme black Kabbalah magic I see also effects voting on rights for films and all rights that related to all films under the Protection of God in whom we trust through Angelcraft Crown Entertainment and Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. full divine name written below.

Now their predecessor’s and supporters inside and outside of jail argue for control of classic films and even some of the many companies, banks and corporations under my domain and ownership with the Authority of the Holy spirit backing me.

And that same God in whom we trust must challenge you to make sound decisions and until you do the desires of your hearts are on hold.

Claim’s to anything through attorneys and flesh-eating lawyers (literally) inside and outside prison are criminal and illegal — such as rights to my corporations, trusts and holdings we own for countries all over the world and even as small film paper machete companies such as Studio Canal or even MC “Warner Brothers” or Universal Pictures and even Pixar studios through that though their ownership legalism used to launder money — more specifically drug money and child sex trafficking money.

Their efforts are to me an absurd gesture, illegal, criminal in nature and in support of the murderous conspiracy conducted by liars in conspiracy invented by themselves and taught to them by the fallen angel of lies who is with us no more lucifer, for satan is the father of nothing for he no longer exists.

That is why we are still in judgment and under the watchful eye of God’s Holy Spirit.

That same “God in whom say we trust.” Our spiritual warfare of prayer against their New Masonry Blaspheme Black Kabbalah they pass on to the public from their prison cells to provide the public ecstasy pleasure, perfect forgettance wizard enchantments of their crimes against humanity and their support of conspiracy of lies and conspiracy of murder seem still to be affecting the world, but not as much as before.

May the God – in whom we trust – continue to grant us the sovereignty and discernment for what to pray. May God lead our new assemblies for the governance of money, education, commerce and all things that matter to God under the Son.

This is why so much wealth is under the Domain of God’s Holy Spirit and myself and used to test who will be the administrators and managers of money in the New era.


Angelcraft Crown Company Images The-Completeness-of-God


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